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Welcome to Global Kitchen
a local eatery located in Mancos, CO.

a snack in mancos

global fare. locally sourced

Our small eatery located in Mancos, Colorado specializes in creating global dishes out of alternative, local & organic ingredients.  Enjoy your meal on our outdoor patio or grab something to go from our Grab n' Go fridge & freezer.  

vegan lemon cheesecake

Innovatively showcasing our farmers, health, local talent, local libation, and the flavors of the world

Every plate is a new experience that you want to have over and over again
vegan yogurt


What is a CSK?

A Community Supported Kitchen.  This membership program is a monthly program that shares our delicious, healthy meals with you and your family.

What's included?

24 meals. 12 baked goods. divided into 3 pick ups throughout the month.


How do I join?

or call 970-238-6073. 

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